A new air tracker allows Utah residents to track sources of pollution

A new air tracker allows Utah residents to track sources of pollution

SALT LAKE CITY – A new tool developed with the help of a University of Utah professor to help monitor air pollution and teach people about the air they breathe.

The “Air Tracker”, introduced earlier this month by the Environmental Fund, is a unique tool that allows online users to track air pollution around them.

One of the experts who helped develop this cutting-edge technology was Professor John Lin of the University of Utah, who works in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

“We have had a research tool for monitoring air for a long time, for decades, but its use has many obstacles, we run it on university supercomputers and a lot of technical tools are needed to run it. that, ”Lin explained. “However, the Environmental Fund had a great idea to try to make this tool available to the average citizen.”

Air Tracker relies on STILT, which stands for Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport Model, as well as weather forecast models to predict the probability of a pollution path.

“So this tool provides a way to monitor the air,” Lin said. “So what the tool is basically doing is tracking the air moving back in time and then marking the area of ​​the potential source of pollution in your area.”

This technology is so new that it is currently being introduced in only three cities; Salt Lake City, Houston and Pittsburgh.

Lin hopes that people in Utah will use this new tool to learn more about the air they breathe.

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